A rich, luxurious moisturizing cream designed to enhance skin suppleness and firmness while guarding against the formation of stretch marks.

Featured Ingredients:

EVOIL®AST:  Blend of easily absorbed natural oils designed to help prevent the formation of stretch marks and to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Marula Oil:  Natural, cold process, fair trade moisturizer improves skin hydration and smoothness due to the high content of anti-oxidants and fatty acids. Marula oil acts as a carrier, rapidly penetrating the upper layer of the dermis where its high Ievel of active ingredients can do the most good for hydrating and fortifying skin.

Serenityl™:  Derived from the bark of the Andean Condurango vine traditionally used as an antidote to snake venom and detoxifier. Serenityl™ helps improve skin luminosity, oxygenation and wellness, especially in products designed for anti-pollution benefits and stress reduction.

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