The perfect finishing touch for a flawless, shine-free makeup look! Soft Matte Setting Powder sets makeup for all day wear while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Featured Ingredients:

BSI Soft Calcium ST147010: Unique blend of natural cosmetic powders surface treated with Lauroyl Lysine that provides a lubricious, luxurious skin feel. Soft Calcium also offers buildable coverage with a satiny, shine-free finish. Surface treating this blend with Lauroyl Lysine improves the powder’s adhesion to the skin, compressibility, and spreadability.

Luxomatte™ MT128: Mattifying technology delivers a clinically-proven, all-day visual matte finish to cosmetic and topical OTC drug products - while leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth. Perfect for use in a primer under makeup to help eliminate the need to reapply make-up throughout the day.

EVOGLITTER Chocolat: Is a lustrous, silky cosmetic pigment. EVOGLITTER provides a subdued color, silky feel, elegant luster, soft focus, and excellent adhesion to the skin.

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