A luxurious face lotion enhanced with encapsulated retinol that nourishes the skin and helps fight the signs of aging. Complete with Hempseed Oil and soothing Oat Beta Glucan, this moisturizer will leave the skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and positively glowing. 

Featured Ingredients:

Kostol NatureMuls: A naturally derived emulsifier that has been designed for luxurious feeling emulsions regardless of viscosity. This product is naturally derived and PEG-free and will work easily in both natural and conventional systems. Kostol NatureMuls adds texture and cushion to your emulsion and can increase skin moisturization and hydration.

Hempseed Oil: Hemp Oil closely resembles the skin's natural lipids so when it is topically applied, it replenishes the skin, increasing moisture retention.

CAVAMAX® W8/Retinol Complex: Sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and essential oils incorporated in Cyclodextrins results in an improved stability of the complexed ingredient due to protection provided by the rigid cyclodextrin molecule. Cyclodextrins also provide a time release of the incorporated material by an equilibrium-controlled process.

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