Inspired by the dreamy opalescence of the moonstone crystal, Moonstone Frost adds a brilliant iridescent pop of blue to any eye look.

Featured Ingredients:

Smooth Bright Sericite ST1815: Brilliantly white sericite with a natural lustre that has been surface treated with the natural amino acid Capryloyl Lysine to improve compressibility, adhesion, and sensory properties. Smooth Bright Sericite imparts a smooth, lubricious touch upon application with a silky after feel. This unique powder is perfect for creating products with high coverage, vivid color, and a subtle glow.

EVOGLITTER: A lustrous, silky cosmetic pigment. EVOGLITTER provides a subdued color, silky feel, elegant luster, soft focus, and excellent adhesion to the skin.

Prestige® Midnight Blue: Inspired by the blue, violet shades of a moonlight sky, Prestige® Midnight Blue provides a luminescent blue mass tone with soft violet iridescence.

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