Condition and prep hair for sleek, long-lasting styles while strengthening it from the inside out to protect against damage caused by blow drying and heat styling. 

Featured Ingredients:

FiberHance™ BM Solution: New patented bond multiplying technology based on natural glucose chemistry manufactured via a zero waste green process. FiberHance™ BM penetrates deep into the hair cortex strengthening and repairing hair from the inside.

BELSIL® ADM 8301 E: An excellent conditioning agent that provides a soft, silky touch, strongly reduces dry and wet combing forces and protects hair during heat treatments.

Gafquat™ 755N-O: Conditioning polymer that provides thermal and mechanical protection, good wet and dry combing, and curl retention in leave-on hair styling products. Gafquat™ 755N-O also builds body and enhances hair luster and manageability.

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