Pandemic beauty trends

Whether you're at home, in the office, shopping for groceries, it becomes more important to ensure we take care of our skin, scalp, and body needs.  Wearing masks, staying at home more, and other changes we as a nation have had to embrace, have created new needs and concerns.  We have identified these needs and, more importantly, the solutions for your daily beauty concerns.   Brenntag Personal Care will help get through this pandemic together by providing optimized and healthy solutions, while creating and maintaining your natural beauty inside and out.

Brenntag is pleased to provide our customers with innovation ideas for meeting changing consumer needs during the pandemic.

Here's a sneak peak of a few of these formulations:

Natural Face Lotion 03-142: Help defend skin from blue light and environmental shocks with this rich moisturizer that feels light and silky on the skin.

Lip Rescue Duo featuring Perfecting Lip Balm 04-048 and Polishing Lip Scrub 04-049: A perfect pair! This nurturing lip scrub provides gentle exfoliation while the balm seals in moisture.  Both products contain sustainable beeswax, the first certified 100% sustainably sourced beeswax in the world. This unique ingredient creates luxurious textures and helps give back to local communities in West Africa while conserving native bee populations.  

Panacea Hair Treatment 04-004: All-in-one smoothing fluid offering frizz control, heat protection, strengthening and restoring benefits for a flawless style and healthier looking hair. 

Brow Pudding 03-052: Create bold, beautiful brows quickly and effortlessly with this lightweight, non-tacky brow cream-gel. 

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