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Treating talc with dimethicone adds many benefits to cosmetic and skin care products. The primary benefits are: soft feel and lubricity on skin, better adhesion, higher compressibility and spreadability. 

ImerCare™ Velluto

New, natural, high performance talc engineered to obtain a high coverage in powder formulations. It is an ideal base for powder cosmetics as it imparts a silky, unctuous feel and a smooth velvet finish.


Using dimethicone-coated titanium dioxide provides numerous benefits to cosmetic formulations, especially; high water repellency, soft and lubricous skin feel; plus, improved adhesion, compressibility, and spreadability.

Prestige® Effect Pigments

Prestige® Emerald and Sapphire add a lustrous gemstone color to cosmetics while Prestige® Green imparts an iridescent effect.


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