A glance at the featured ingredients

Enhans SB-63 #163

A highly compatible wax used for its excellent moisturizing, film forming, and emollient properties. Enhans SB-63 also acts as a stabilizer, crystallization inhibitor, pigment dispersant aid, and sunscreen enhancer.


Silicone resin powder that adds a transfer-resistant film. BELSIL® TMS 803 also helps to hold pigments in place on the skin and improves water-resistance. 

Sumicos™ Pearlescent Pigments

Lustrous pigment range includes materials based on natural and synthetic mica technology. Sumicos™ Pearlescent Pigments add shimmer and brilliance to color cosmetics, skin care and hair care products.

Enhans SC-78 #355

Used to add firmness and slip, as a thickener, non-grainy gelling agent, and melting point modifier.

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