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KANEKA Surfactin

A natural emulsifier that lets you create a variety of new textures from oil rich moisturizing creams that feel like water to clear oil based gels that leave the skin and hair silky, soft.  This low irritation, sustainable, easily biodegradable emulsifier is made with a natural fermentation process that creates a unique peptide ring structure. 

Marula Oil

Natural, cold process Fair Trade moisturizer improves skin hydration and smoothness due to the high content of anti-oxidants and fatty acids. Marula oil acts as a carrier, rapidly penetrating the upper layer of the dermis where its high Ievel of active ingredients can do the most good for hydrating and fortifying skin. 

Jolee 7750

Readily biodegradable natural ester from the bio-fermentation of sugars that offers excellent sensory profile, skin compatibility, and improved spreadability with a dry lubricating feel. Jolee 7750 also works as a natural, gentle make up remover.

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