Featured Formulation: Natural Cream Cleanser 03-182

Natural Cream Cleanser is a natural facial wash that gently cleanses without drying your skin.

A glance at the featured ingredients 


Kostol NatureMuls Wax

A naturally derived emulsifier that has been designed for O/W systems with a medium to long break for luxurious emulsions regardless of viscosity. This product is naturally derived and PEG free, and will work easily in both natural and conventional systems. Kostol NatureMuls adds texture and cushion to your emulsion and can increase skin moisturization and hydration.

Marula Oil

Natural, cold process Fair Trade moisturizer improves skin hydration and smoothness due to the high content of antioxidants and fatty acids. Marula oil acts as a carrier, rapidly penetrating the upper layer of the dermis where its high levels of active ingredients can do the most good for hydrating and fortifying skin.

Silverion™ 2400

Combines ionic silver and citric acid to provide a highly stable and active broad-spectrum preservative for personal care products. SILVÉRION 2400 exhibits strong activity against Corynebacteria and significantly reduces body malodor

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