A glance at the featured ingredients


Ganex™ Sensory

Polymer offering enhanced water-resistance and a desirable texture, especially to sunscreen formulations. Ganex™ Sensory reduces greasiness in formulations with a high level of sun filters, offers a powdery after-feel, and helps sand easily slide off skin.

Kostol PGP #402

W/O and O/W emulsifier that produces creamy product consistencies, light skin feel and improved hydration. In sunscreens, Kostol PGP improves the solubility of UV filters, film formation and reduction of agglomerates, thereby enhancing the SPF value.

Escalol™ 517

Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoyl-methane) is a strong absorber of radiation in longer UVA wavelengths. Helps protect against photodamage and skin aging due to UVA light.


*in vitro testing

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