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With over 190 DEF stocking locations in the United States and Canada, and extensive operating capabilities, Brenntag North America is able to provide DEF to all regions of North America in a safe, timely manner. 

Brenntag is the world's largest Diesel Exhaust Fluid distributor. Brenntag’s experience with Diesel Exhaust Fluid begins in Europe, where the company has delivered Adblue® for over 10 years.

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  • API certified and meets stringent AUS 32, DIN 70070, ISO 22241 purity & concentration standards
  • NOx reducing agent formulated to work with all vehicle SCR systems
  • Safe, environmentally friendly solution for use in on-road and off-road equipment

Ensure DEF Availability

Limited urea production capacity, high demand, and plant shutdowns commonly lead to DEF supply shortages. To ensure the availability of UltraPure® DEF, we offer many advantages. 

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